Thursday, March 19, 2015

Are You Using the Right Tools?

As with most aspects of life, having the right tools makes all the difference in the world.  Plumbers need basic tools that carpenters need as well, but they both need other tools specific to their jobs.  Baseball players need the right equipment, runners need the right shoes, and golfers need the right clubs.  Unless you're Tin Cup.

If they have the wrong tools they quickly acquire the tools they need in order to continue their professional trade.  They don't seek out other professionals in their field and say, "Hey, I have the wrong tools but can you help me make them work?"  

The same concept applies when it comes to teaching.  Some teachers have been carrying the same 'tools' with them for years.  Some of those tools still work great for certain tasks but teachers need to be ready to add new tools to accomplish their job.  I admire and respect teachers who are seeking out help and guidance when they need it but I feel sometimes they are asking for help to make their 'tools' work when the reality is they need different tools.

A major part of my job as an administrator is to help teachers select the most effective tools, not to try and make old tools work better.  If it's the wrong tool, it won't get the job done no matter how long it's been in the toolbox.