Monday, July 22, 2013

#LearningSummit - Day 1

Here are some Twitter highlights from the MCCSC Learning Summit using the hashtag #INeLearn

@MissPhillips3: "Educators need to be different, not better." @willrich45 #INeLearn #learningsummit

@lilyalbright: Are doing creative things through technology and passing THE test mutually exclusive? I don't think so. #INeLearn #learningsummit

@MrKrisWalsh: In the modern age, we don't need to worry about making kids "college ready" they need to be learning ready #inelearn #pcelearn @willrich45

@Abbyseif: #learningsummit Will Richardson talking about an inquiry-based classroom! Let's go there mccsc! Make public schools competitive.

@MissPhillips3: Find out what students wonder about.  Use this to create inquiry-based learning opportunities. #INeLearn #learningsummit

@MissPhillips3: Educators need professional networks full of diverse people to pull information from the world. #INeLearn #learningsummit

@hoosiertay: @willrich45 "Your classroom should become more like Shark Tank or Chopped."  On-the-spot creativity.  #learningsummit #INeLearn

@CameronRains: "Kids are entitled to their own mental images" Susan Zimmerman #learningsummit

@hoosiertay: @willrich45 paraphase:"Do we really need to split students into grade levels; education into subjects-Eng., Math, SS, Sci.?" #learningsummit

@lilyalbright: Are our students sharing their work in the real world? They should be! #INeLearn  #learningsummit

@Abbyseif: #learningsummit "Our goal is to have avid readers." Make reading joyful.

@saraikristi: Plan what kids will learn, not just what they will do #learningsummit

@lilyalbright: I'm trying to embrace: "We can't be creative if we refuse to be confused. Change starts w/confusion." @willrich45 My brain hurts. Well done!

@JohnHudson42: If your lesson can be "Khan-ified" is it really worth teaching to begin with? #INeLearn @willrich45

@JohnHudson42: 5yrs ago Students had to go to school to get an education. Not the case any more. So educators, we must adapt or become obsolete #INeLearn

@MissPhillips3: All of our students have background knowledge.  It just may not be the knowledge you expect/want them to have. S. Zimmerman #learningsummit

@JohnHudson42: Teachers are everywhere. Learners are everywhere. Classrooms are everywhere. #INeLearn

@JohnHudson42: Top Learning Tools in 2012. How many of the Top 10 do you incorporate in your classroom? #INeLearn

@JohnHudson42: What you ought to be learning at schools is you don't need to be taught in order to learn #INeLearn @willrich45

@JohnHudson42: We have to change our expectations for ourselves and our colleagues for tech integration. We need non-negotiables for everyone #INeLearn

@JohnHudson42: Most technology problems aren't technology problems. Use technology to enhance our learning, not shut out the world around us. #INeLearn

@JohnHudson42: @willrich45 "Computers should be used to amplify human potential." Quoting @garystager #INeLearn

@JohnHudson42: @willrich45 "There has never been a better time to be a learner." #INeLearn

@JohnHudson42: @willrich45 "Schools can give every child an iPad and still give digital worksheets. That is a real problem." #INeLearn

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