Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The 'New' Book Report

Our school is beginning the transition of moving to a 1:1 model of instruction.  In a previous post I discussed our readiness for this transition.  Each student in three of our classrooms will receive an iPad this Friday.  We have some fun activities planned for the students to get them acclimated to the process of using the iPads for their school work.

One idea that our literacy coach, Emily Anderson (@eandersoniu), came up with was to have groups of students 'write' their book report using the iMovie app for iPad.  Students work together to make a storyboard, include text/pictures, and produce the iMovie.  The teacher is there as a support but the students are the lead writers, editors, and producers of the iMovie book report.  Very cool way to have students use technology to produce and showcase their learning!!

What other ways do your students showcase their learning, other than a traditional book report?

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