Friday, December 21, 2012

We Have iPads...Now What Do We Do?!?

Over the next few years our school district will move toward the 1:1 model where every child uses an electronic device.  Our district chose the iPad as the device.  Students will use it for most of their daily work; as a textbook, an e-reader, producing examples of their learning, as a collaboration tool (Google Docs, My Big Campus, etc.), for research, and in more ways than I probably am aware of right now.

For the past semester, teachers at my school have been using their iPad to get acclimated to teaching with an electronic device.  We have seen a wide range of uses from an interactive whiteboard app to specific learning apps used in small group work.  The changes in student engagement have been significant and the teachers, I feel, are becoming more at ease with their iPad.

As we move into the second semester, three of our classrooms will implement the 1:1 instruction model, or at least move closer to that model.  I'm not sure we're entirely ready for iPads to be used all day long for every assignment, but we will get there!  I'm excited to see how the iPads are used in each classroom.  Two of the classrooms are third grade students and the other is a multi-age classroom of fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students.

The teachers are anxious, and probably a little nervous, about what their classroom will look like as we move in this direction.  Their lessons will continue to focus on student learning but the way the instruction is delivered will change.  The change of delivery will ultimately change the way feedback is given which will in turn change the way students review/revise their work.  This will start our school down a wonderful path where there is no 'end' of learning but rather a cycle of learning, reviewing, revising, reflecting, and learning again.