Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Integrating Technology

Today our corporation's students had the day off while our teachers participated in Professional Development with Will Richardson (@willrich45).  We were all invited to breakfast to celebrate our corporation being named an 'A' corporation by the Indiana Department of Education.  That's something I believe we are all proud of in our district.  Some more than others because of the school grading system, but in the eyes of the general public, an A is much better than a C.  That seems to be the game our department of education is making us play so we must deal with it the best we can.  That's a topic for another post at a later date.

Will Richardson's presentation focused on 21st Century Learning Skills and how teachers MUST integrate technology into their classrooms.  One idea that stuck with me came when he said, "Schools are the only place where students cannot use their mobile devices to access information."  Obviously he's not speaking about ALL schools, but you understand what he's saying.

So why is that?  Why is it that students cannot use their mobile devices to access information at school? I'm stopping here.  I have some ideas but I really would like to hear your thoughts.