Monday, June 11, 2012

iTeach Academy Day One Resources

Today, two Indiana school corporations came together for the first iTeach Academy to learn more about integrating technology into classroom instruction.  It was powerful.  Overwhelming to some.  Right on target for others.

Sessions today centered more around the need for technology integration rather than 'how-to' resources.  Alan November (@globalearner) delivered the morning keynote and lead breakout sessions throughout the day.  There was a compelling case made for the use of technology, not just as an afterthought to a lesson, but as a way of life in the classroom.  The way Alan described it really hit home to me.  He called it, "Shoving paper down a wire."  That's what a lot (not all) of teachers consider technology.  Typing a research paper on the computer is NOT integrating technology.  That's just a really expensive pencil.

We want our students to begin blogging, making videos, and be globally connected with their school work.  Teachers will be asked to create google docs, prezis, and incorporate the 'flipped classroom' model.  Obviously this list is just a small part of what the educational landscape should start to look like when technology is actually integrated into classrooms.

Administrators will also be held to a high standard when it comes to technology.  No more should we need hour-long meetings to take care of 'housekeeping' business.  Place the agenda on google docs so that teachers can look at the agenda items and come prepared to join the learning rather than teachers sitting and taking in information.  We MUST model for our teachers what we want them to do for their students.

Tomorrow's breakout sessions include more 'hands-on' demonstrations for teachers.  Participants will learn iPad iWorks, curation of resources, iBook, Khan Academy, participatory learning, Web 2.0 tools, moodle, e-publishing for iPad, and iPad productivity.  It should be a another great day of learning for MCCSC and R-BB teachers and administrators.

Here are links to a few of the resources discussed today:


TweetDeck (Twitter app)

Hootsuite (Twitter app)




Docs (via google)

RSS Reader (via google)


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