Monday, February 20, 2012

Can Your School Improvement Plan REALLY Improve Your School?

Working on my school's improvement plan this year has been challenging yet rewarding. In years past, the school improvement plan has mostly been a check mark on the 'to-do list.' Gather the data, put it into charts, discuss the guaranteed and viable curriculum, give an overview of the school population (enrollment, ethnicity, free/reduced lunch %, attendance), select a few goals, and click save.

Our classroom teachers are working extremely hard to select Essential Learning targets, gather data, make assessments based on 4-point scales, group students, offer intervention/enrichment opportunities for ALL students, and start the process all over again. Again and again.

So this year I have taken the responsibility of developing our school improvement plan more seriously than ever before. Don't get me wrong. I have always taken it seriously but for some reason this year it feels different. This year I am taking on the challenge of producing an improvement plan that actually has the potential to improve the school. Novel idea, right?

Today after school I sat with my school's literacy coach, @eandersoniu (give her a follow on Twitter), for about two hours to work on the plan. She is such an inspiration to me. I'm sure she doesn't feel that way but she is. I respect her point of view and opinions on education and enjoy our scheduled weekly meetings and the times she pops in to chat about school. While working on the plan she helped me refine our school's goals for the next three years. I feel like, for once, our school's improvement plan will help guide us in the right direction. Our committee will come together in the next few weeks to tweak the plan and put the finishing touches on it.

How does your school come up with its improvement plan? Have you made it a 'to-do list' or is it actually meant to improve your school?

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