Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where's the Fun in That?

A learning environment without fun is like a garden without soil. No matter how much fertilizer and water we give the plants, they won't take root.

When I was a teacher, education was fun. My lessons were fun, my students learned while having fun, and I had fun with my colleagues. I'm afraid that I might be losing my ability to have fun at school and that scares me.

There's an enormous amount of responsibility that comes with educating students and it requires a degree of seriousness, but I don't want to lose the fun in education. The best lessons I taught, and when most learning usually took place, involved elements of fun. Those activities are the ones students remember for the rest of their lives.

Teachers do such a great job of combining curriculum with fun. I'm blessed to see it every day and I hope I was half the teacher I have the honor of working with on a daily basis. However, the teachers need a fun environment too.

I believe in setting goals so here is my new goal: I will make learning fun for everyone at school.

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